Sunday, September 09, 2007

Halloween Costume Test Trial

So it's only one more month until Lily's grand entrance (that is if she's on time). And since she'll be born in October, Brad and I were thinking about what her first Halloween costume should be. We were thinking it would just be irresistibly cute to dress her up as a lily flower--you know with her face being the center of the flower and the petals all around like an Anne Geddes photo or something.

So then Brad was trying to figure out what we should be to go with her, and I thought it would be cute to dress up as gardeners. But as I near the end of my pregnancy I've been feeling particularly big and full, so I thought of myself more as the flower pot than the gardener.

Then Brad got a mischievous smile on his face and asked me if people might think it inappropriate if we came to a Halloween party as the respective flower, flower pot, and gardener carrying a little sign that said, "I planted my seed in this pot and this is the flower that we got!"

So what do you think? Too scandalous?