Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Been A While!

Hey girls,

Ok - I know it's been forEVER since we have updated this blog... I was thinking maybe it would be fun to share recipes on it? I've been enjoying cooking more these days and love finding good recipes. If it sounds like a dumb idea, I won't be offended ;) but it would be fun to have something to keep this going.

Hope you're all doing great!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wish I knew how to leave a comment...

I would have left a comment, but I don't find that it's an option anymore when I visit this blog. I am all for meeting up sometime in the (hopefully) near future and will actually be in Utah at the end of April--what do you say? I'll actually be there for a little family reunion with Brad's side of the family (his brother is graduating), so I don't know if that's really the best time, but I thought I'd let those of you who ARE in Utah know that I'm coming, and if Kendra just HAPPENS to be there too, well wouldn't that be fun?!

Otherwise, I think we're looking at next year sometime for me. Since the babe is due in July that kind of puts a big no traveling block in the very middle of my summer. I love the idea though and I want to put it on the radar for sure. I love you guys!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fab Four Friends Unite!

Hey ladies!!! It is 2009 - almost 7 years since I got married. Can you all believe it? That means it's also 7 years since we lived together as the Fab Four! Time keeps on passing and all of our lives keep moving on. Forgive the cheesy prose, but I would love for all four of us to get together. It was so fab-ulous to be with Mer a few weeks ago and then a little while later after chatting with Sarah, we thought it would be amazing to try and all 4 to be together!

So, it seems somewhat logical to all meet in Utah, or maybe go to the beautiful Oregon coast, or if we can swing it - head down to Texas to see where Katie will soon be living!

And I was also thinking that perhaps it's time to say goodbye to our lovely blog. We all have our own blogs and this one has been very neglected lately. What do you all think?

Leave a comment so we can decide when/where to meet! Hopefully sometime this year or next?


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, this totally made me laugh and I had to share. Whenever someone posts a comment on this blog, it gets emailed to me. Yesterday, I received this:

Hi my name is Jose and I am a Brazilian who lives in Northern Ireland and works in a very small Brazilian/multicultural church.I was preparing the power point presentation for my sermon today about the conflict between fear and faith when I found the post of Katie expressing all her emotions and thoughts about fear and faith just days before a heart surgery. I know it was posted in 2006 and I do not know what happened after that, but I just want to say that her post was such an inspiration for me and it will bless a group of brothers and sisters that also strugles between faith and fear on the other side of the globe. (I supose you live in America)Again Thank you and God Bless the Fab Four

So way to go Katie, for your postulation on your thankfully harmless heart condition... apparently you're helping people the world around.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sarah's Wedding

Sarah's wedding was perfect. Her dress was so beautiful and
Spencer looked at her like Gilbert looks at Anne. I teared up so many times just thinking about how eternally grateful I am for the kind, righteous, and loving friends I made in college--primarily you three. Thanks so much for being such wonderful friends, even when we're miles apart and living such different lives. It feels like we've never skipped a beat when I see you (even though I've been a bad and often-absent friend), and I really admire your positive examples. Anyway, this is my nostalgic entry. It is also my time to say CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah and Spencer. I love you and am so happy for you, Sarah, and I will always consider you to be one of my best friends. I love you girls!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

J'ai ta nostalgie...

I've been going through old pictures lately, trying to get them out of boxes and into albums. I came across this picture and the phrase that came to my mind was actually a French one. "J'ai ta nostalgie," which literally translated means I have your nostalgia or memory, but which really is just another way of saying "I miss you."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun with zucchini

So I think all of this recipe sharing is just great! On Sunday I finally had the time to figure out what to do with one of the enormous zucchinis my friend gave me from her garden. Brad and I pretty much spent the entire afternoon cooking with zucchini. We made zucchini cookies, zucchini bread, a kind of zucchini stir fry, and then froze more shredded zucchini for fun with zucchini on another day. I still have to try the zucchini chocolate cake and zucchini pancakes my mom sent me recipes for.

Anyhow, though all three zucchini recipes that I tried are fabulous, I wanted particularly to pass on the creation we made in the frying pan. My mom said that she used to just saute zucchini and onions with a bit of butter or oil, and then add tomatoes and sprinkle on some parmesan cheese. So we experimented with proportions and added some fresh pressed garlic too with a dash of salt and it was amazing! Really quick too. Next time you have zucchini, try it. I guarantee you'll like it!