Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fab Four Friends Unite!

Hey ladies!!! It is 2009 - almost 7 years since I got married. Can you all believe it? That means it's also 7 years since we lived together as the Fab Four! Time keeps on passing and all of our lives keep moving on. Forgive the cheesy prose, but I would love for all four of us to get together. It was so fab-ulous to be with Mer a few weeks ago and then a little while later after chatting with Sarah, we thought it would be amazing to try and all 4 to be together!

So, it seems somewhat logical to all meet in Utah, or maybe go to the beautiful Oregon coast, or if we can swing it - head down to Texas to see where Katie will soon be living!

And I was also thinking that perhaps it's time to say goodbye to our lovely blog. We all have our own blogs and this one has been very neglected lately. What do you all think?

Leave a comment so we can decide when/where to meet! Hopefully sometime this year or next?