Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm in!!

Hey ladies! I've finally gotten my act together and taken the time to figure this out. That means I'm not doing my Arabic homework right now, but with 12 hours a day between class and homework, I can take a little break, right?!

I just wrote an entire page about me and my family in Arabic. I'm so proud of myself. It only took me an hour and a half (!), but considering that three weeks ago I didn't even know how to say, let alone write, the alphabet I think that's pretty good.

Brad was looking online for engineering positions yesterday just to get a head start on the job hunt and found a great one for a graduate who will be ready to start working in 2007. It totally fit the bill and the best part . . . it's in Adelaide! So who's going to come visit us in Australia? :)


Kendra said...

Ooh- I'm so there!!! I want to go to Australia!!!

I'm glad you joined the blogging revolution- this is fun!

Katie said...

We'll come only if you'll say "goodday mate" to us each morning before breakfast, and if you will have a kangaroo imported from Africa for us to look at (remember that from the quote wall?).