Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Countdown Begins

38 days encounting... (that's for you Meredith)

I'm getting anxious for the move and have started a countdown! Having moved often all of my life, when a move starts getting close, I start to commence shutdown mode for my current life and seem to endlessly dwell on the excitement and adventures of a new home and place to live. In some ways, this is definitely a fault because there are many wonderful things to enjoy here and it always seem that after I move, I spend a good amount of time missing my old home and all of the familiarity because with a new home come a lot of adjustments.

Some things I am definitely going to miss are all of our friends here (especially you Mer), the mountains, BYU, knowing my way around, grilled cheese sandwiches at Leatherby's, the Bombay House, the Provo River Trail, being so close to so many temples, the beautiful summers, the fantastic snowboarding in the winter, being close to southern Utah though we haven't taken advantage while we have lived here, and the list could go on and on.

There are so many memories here: freshman year - rooming with Mer and hanging out with Sarah, LeAnne and Katie which led to sophomore year - good ol' BDA #25. And of course that ward led me to Zekey Poo, Zekey Poo, won't you be my Zekey Poo? Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup Woooooooooh, my Zekey pooo! Zeke and I went to the Mount Timpanogos Temple last week and we sat in the same spot in the Celestial Room where we waited right before we got married. That was special to be there together, especially since we'll be celebrating our 4th Anniversary on the 30th! Crazy. Provo is also where our crazy 2-year old was born. Every time I pass the hospital, I remember the craziness of being on bedrest and a C-section, but that's always followed by a greater feeling of love and happiness for Lucas. I just used crazy 3 times... And after spending 8 months away living in Connecticut, we returned wanting to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and I think we have so far.

But, like I said at the beginning, I've started to shut down a little. So I guess all I'm trying to say is I'm trying to enjoy it here as much as possible up until the day that we leave, because I know I'm going to miss it as soon as we leave, but I'm also still super excited about Minneapolis and the U of M!!!


Uptown Girl said...

Kendra, I am excited for you and your new adventures! You always seem to make the most of your experiences, so I know you'll have a great time in Minnesota. We'll all have to find our way back to Utah some time for a reunion. :)

Meredith said...

Don't leave me! Don't do it! You can stick around for just one more year, can't you???

Ok, I won't make it any harder than it already is. But, man! I miss you already!

Katie said...

I love that picture! What a cool city. I know exactly what you mean-- I tend to shut down the "old life" before moving to the new life, and then when I get to the new life I miss the old life until I get used to the new life and it becomes the old life. Haha. Someone needs to do me and my family a favor and admit me to a psychiatric unit.