Sunday, July 16, 2006

34 is my favorite number

Today was an especially great Sunday. Sacrament Meeting and Relief Society were all about our pioneer heritage and the trials and struggles they went through, and after seeing the new Joseph Smith movie again recently, it was really powerful. In Sacrament Meeting there were 8 musical pieces and narration between each. There was a trio (2 flutes and a violion) accompanied by the piano doing "The First Vision," a male solo doing a medley of Missionary hymns, the choir singing "Come, Come Ye Saints" and "They, The Builders of the Nation", a small group singing "True To the Faith", along with many congregational hymns. And the narration was a collection of inspiring pioneer stories. And Relief Society carried on with more great stuff (Wilford Woodruff Lesson #14). What miracles and struggles they experienced.

After church, I went on an interesting trip down Memory Lane. As you know, I am definitely a collector of anything and everything. I used to keep every ticket stub, brochure, napkin, coaster, you name it, from everywhere that I went. I am trying to consolidate my collection though and keep the best of the best to remember my childhood. I was going through things that I have saved from India, Germany and Jordan. Things like a book I wrote in the 4th grade called "The Missing Emerald" to my daily journal in the 5th grade, my report cards from 5th-9th grade to barf bags with notes from friends while on sports trips when I lived in Jordan. I even have all of my old passports, including a most embarassing picture when I used to wear those big, pink plastic glasses. Did you girls ever see that one? It's a classic. It was a lot of fun looking through everything.

Then in the evening I went to a baby shower for a friend from Brussels, continuing down Memory Lane. I had no idea how many people I knew would be there! And Sarah, I talked to Brother and Sister Herway so they know you're coming. They're great and will definitely help you out with whatever you need in Brussels.

This Tuesday I'm off to my parents' house since the reunion and wedding festivities will be starting up soon. Did I tell everyone I found the cutest khaki linen suit for Lucas to wear? He's going to be a 'flower girl' for the wedding along with Ming- I'm way excited.

34 days until Minneapolis!


Katie said...

Cute little Lucas. You'll definitely have to post flowers of your little flower girl. :)

Katie said...

oops, I mean pictures of your flower girl