Monday, December 04, 2006

Nine Hours a Year

So, as I was washing my face in the shower this morning, I remembered where I got that idea: you. Remember how I used to wash my face at the sink and create a mini-flood on the vanity after I showered? Well, I would just like to report the way that your advice on this particular subject has changed my life:

I have now been washing my face in the shower for around 4 years. I figure it saves me close to 1.5 minutes/day (not to mention another dirty washrag and a flooded vanity). If my math is correct, that is approximately 9 hours/year of saved time. That would be 36 hours (1.5 days) that your suggestion has saved me so far (along with the aforementioned inconveniences). Perhaps in 4 more years we should have a 3-day reunion so that I can dedicate those days to you; it seems fitting.

Yet another way the Fabulous Four have changed my life forever. :) Thank you.

p.s. My ultrasound is in 1 hour. What do you think- girl or boy?


Uptown Girl said...

Katie, so cute! And yes - we should definitley dedicate your face-wash-savings to a reunion. I really don't know what to guess for your baby... but since you have one little Tanner already, I'm going to say GIRL (even though I really feel like it's probably another boy). Do you like how I just covered all my bases?

Kendra said...

Too bad I already read your letter! I'm really excited you're having a girl.

That's funny about your face-washing!

Meredith said...

I love it! I feel honored to be a part of saving you time each day. And hurray for baby girls! Do you have any names in mind yet?