Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Frankenstein Emerges

Well, what do you think. It's actually not even that bad anymore. This picture was taken the day that I pealed off the sterustrips. The scar isn't quite so dark red as this now, though it will probably take a few years for it to really lose the color--and now that it's not so tender to the touch the scarf thing is working out pretty well.

I apologize for not getting this post up way sooner. The picture would have been much more effective two weeks ago. Alas, recovery is taking a lot more of my time than I'd like. While I'm back in my classes, I'm generally exhausted by about 1pm and I've discovered I have to cut back a lot more than I anticipated--even with all the advice I got from people who have had the same thing done. However, in a way it's nice to be forced back to the basics and just do just what I need to do to survive in my classes while making sure that I have enough time for myself to relax each day.

Forced relaxation--isn't that the way it usually goes? How sad. I hope that this is a turning point in my life and that it helps me to see how important it is to take time for myself each day. I have this crazy tendency to think that I have to do everything and that the world will stop turning if I don't. Well, the world had news for me. I don't have to get A's on every assignment, or even better--I don't even have to DO every assignment! It's nice to know that I can be missed and the world keeps on turning without me. :)


Kendra said...

I think I was drawn more to your fantastic facial expression than your scar! It's a hard lesson to learn that the world can keep turniing without you... I'm trying to keep my life more balanced, but some days I really just want to do everything! I hope things go well as the semester finishes up and that you have a very relaxing Christmas break. I love you!

Katie said...

I agree-- I like the facial expression the best. Maybe if you walk around campus like that then people will ask you why you're making that face and forget to ask you where you got the scar. :) You're still adorable, Meredith.