Monday, December 25, 2006

ABC's of BYU

I have been going through some boxes of stuff that somehow made it through the last few moves. After tonight most of their contents will make a final move to the trash, but I found this list of ABC's of BYU that brought back some fun memories:

A - abroad, apple juice (which has no fat!), attempted baptisms at Timp
B - boys, birthdays, bonding, BDA, Bishop's BBQ, bachelorette parties
C - colors concert, cozmo, creative dating, complimentary shapes, curling on couches, "crazy"
D - domestic, dancing in the family room, David John Hall
E - engagements, eleven-twenty (plenty late), excessive emails
F - foliage, football, finals week
G - general conference, Bishop Garrett, green silkies
H - Heritage Halls, Helaman Halls, hiking the Y, highly marriagable, hiking Timp, happinessabounds
I - ice cream...
J - just around the riverbend, Jacintos
K - Kendrita, Katia
L - living legends, loving couples (wish they were dead!)
M - marriage, missions, Megadeath, mood-lighting
N - New York summertime, nightly walks, nervous breakdowns, New Mexico boy
O - Olympic volunteers, older & wider, open-air cinema
P - Provo
Q - quote board
R- rock canyon, roommates, roadtrips, route "B", rolo cookies, running
S - sexy stares, soldier hollow, Snow Hall
T - temple dedications, traditions
U - up all night, ushers
V - VL...
W - ward prayer, ward notebox, whoppers during finals week, work, weddings
Y - Y-mountain, your mom
Z - Zekey boy!


Katie said...

That was so much fun to read, Sarah. Wow, we had good times. We need to write down what all of those mean before we forget. I especially had a good laugh at "green silkies" and "whoppers on finals week." "Apple juice (which has no fat!)" made me miss LeAnne. "Nightly Walks" made me miss our pajama strolls along the darkened sidewalks of Provo. So many memories. I was back at the BYU for a basketball game Friday night (we flew out early Saturday morning from SLC), and I realized that I will forever cherish the great memories I made at BYU (many of which includes you three). A part of me is so sad that that phase in life is over. It will always be one of my favorites...

Katie said...
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