Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Once there was a snowman

Minnesota's not the only place with snow! Ok, so you have to go into the mountains to get to it, but it's here in Utah too!

On Friday we drove down to Cedar in 70 degree weather. On Saturday we drove up Cedar Canyon in the rain to get to Cedar Breaks National Park and by the time we got to the top of the canyon we were in four inches of snow!

We got to the viewing point just in time to see the breaks, but by the time we had a snowball fight and I was done with my snowman the view was completely fogged in. It made me very excited for winter, but I was glad to get back down into the valley where the fall colors will last for at least a few more weeks.


Uptown Girl said...

Mer, you are too cute! The snow looks amazing. I have to admit, though the temperature has been amazing, I've been pretty disappointed with the lack of color in Belgium's autumn. Too bad.

Kendra said...

I love the pictures! That must be nice to drive back home where there is no snow. That would be nice here, but I think there's a chance of snow again tomorrow. How was the Merchant of Venice?

Meredith said...

Yeah, Belgium doesn't get cold enough I guess to shock the colors out of the trees. Sorry!

Katie said...

That is gorgeous. Why haven't I ever heard of that place before?!