Thursday, September 14, 2006

Three Weeks Ago I Was In Utah...

Girls! I have been horrible at posting here. I'm sorry. It's been especially tough since I don't have the internet at home... But that should be getting fixed today (fingers crossed!) so hopefully I'll be back to my blogging self soon. Anyway, I'm dying to know what everyone is up to!

Katie, how is autumn in San Fran? I haven't been able to read your weekly email in a while because I'm kind of hesitant about downloading stuff at the office (yet I apparently don't mind blogging from here...) so I need to catch up!

Kendra, are you getting all settled in Minneapolis? I'm so curious to see how you like it there. I really have only heard fantastic things about that city and I hope you like it! It has been so fun to run into so many of your connections here in Brussels. I met Kendra on Sunday, and Jane Wilson's aunt, and the Herways of course.

Meredith, you know we all miss Provo in the strangest way, and so we are all somewhat envious. I don't know what it is, but I just love autumn in Utah. I love the football games, the new energy on campus, the mountains turning all shades of fire and the first snow.

So, I'm all settled into Belgium and continue to be amazed that each place I travel to and temporarily settle feels like home. My roommate Jackie is a kindred spirit and so much fun. We finally found fresh milk (the kind you have to refrigerate!) yesterday and decided to make cookies in celebration. This weekend we are traveling with Ryan, an intern from USU, to Switzerland. I am super excited to be in the Alps, even though we have to travel for almost as long as we actually get to be there. It will be amazing. It's funny that the guy here is named Ryan -- Jackie and I both have had interesting experiences with Ryans in our pasts.

Well, I need to go. But I wanted to say hi! And like I said, my blog should be updated soon, so be sure to check!

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