Monday, September 25, 2006

Living in Minneapolis - the City of Lakes!

Hello girls! We've officially been in our apartment now for 24 days and it's starting to look like home. I am so glad that we won't be moving for another 5 years! Yes, I know I love to move and travel but it is a very different story when you have a toddler and you do all the moving AND unpacking yourself! We're excited to make our home here, and if the next few years are anything like the last 24 days, it is going to be wonderful!

So besides trying to keep a hyper toddler busy in the car and running out of gas, the drive here when pretty smoothly. We had the missionaries here to help us get all of our boxes inside the apartment, and since then we've been unpacking, arranging and rearranging, buying a few needed items of furniture and more rearranging. I just sent a few pictures of the outside of our apartment and complex, and when I feel like our apartment is presentable enough, I'll try and send some pictures of the inside if you're curious to see!

Our ward is really great, there are a lot of young families also in the school situation and also quite a few established families. We've already received callings too. I'm the choir director (help!!!) and Zeke and I together are on the Activities Committee. It should be fun. Like I've told you guys also, a lot of LDS couples live here in the student housing complex which is nice. The community where we live is really just that, a community! They have a lot of activities and everyone is so friendly. It's really great being by others that are in the same situation.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm starting to feel very tired, so I should be going. Here is the URL for a video of Lucas at the Dolphin Show at the zoo earlier today. I don't know how to embed videos like Sarah does on her blog, so hopefully the URL works for you guys.

Blog away my BDA buddies! I like seeing new posts and I check our blog daily!

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Uptown Girl said...

Kendra, I'm so happy that you're loving Minneapolis! Yay! :)