Monday, August 07, 2006

Harry Potter

So, I am a newly-found Harry Potter addict. I read book #1 a few years ago, but last week at the library I picked up book #4. Corwin wanted to see the movie, but I had heard it was dark, so I never wanted to see it. I figured that reading it first would prepare me to see the movie. 740 pages later, I am ready to see the movie. I must say, though, that this book freaked me out. Is this really a kids' book?! I could barely sleep last night because Lord Voldemort had come back to life and was out to get Harry (and me, mind you). I think JK Rowling is brilliant, and I already have book #5 checked out so I can devour it this week.


Kendra said...

They are such great books, huh?! Book 4 is great, but wait till you see what happens in Book 5!!! Zeke got super addicted to the books and I bought him all that were available while we were dating. We were in Connecticut when the most recent one came out and he went to the store at midnight to get it. Anyway, happy reading!

Meredith said...

Brad says, "I don't think they are children's books. More like adolescent/young adult books. I consider myself in this category."