Thursday, August 03, 2006

A 'Baby' Baby Grand Piano!

How cool is this? I could buy a baby grand piano for Lucas! It's only $150 from Not bad compared to probably $40-50,000 for the Steinway baby grand I want!! But I don't know how I feel about Lucas getting a grand piano before me... How cute though that it comes in black or white! He would be just like Linus. Now if I could just find $150 laying around, wouldn't that be nice?!

So did Katie or Sarah hear about the supercell that hit Provo on Tuesday? I of course heard the thunder and rain and Lucas got soaking wet playing in a puddle out front, but I had no idea how hard it hit until my mom called later that night and told me to turn on the news. It looked like a hurricane had come through. The winds at the Provo airport were 90 mph! The benefit of all the rain though was it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. It cooled the temperatures down to the upper 80s, it was sunny and blue skies and the air was so clear. During our heat wave before the thunderstorm, the air was so dirty and gross. I love that change in the air quality after it rains.

I'm excited to see Sarah next week- Katie I wish you were closer! And Meredith, hopefully we can tear you away from your Arabic for at least an afternoon to do something fun with Sarah! :D Love you girls!

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Katie said...

I saw that on the national news! Provo, Utah was on the news! Crazy. I'm kind of sad I wasn't there. I think a drastic change in weather like that is exciting.

I wish I were there to play too. Maybe the three of you should come over to my house. :)