Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ben Dick Arms

Hi girls! I'm blogging!!!! How exciting is this?! I've never written a blog before... So thanks to Sarah for setting this up. So only the four of us can write and view, right?! Or am I publishing to the world? I'm on the, top of the world, looking down on creation... Great song. It is crazy to think where we all are right now, but I'm so glad we're still the Fab Four! It's great to chat on gmail too. So Zeke and I were just outside playing badminton! It is a fun game and it's so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. And we've got a lot of roses blooming too. I love flowers! And it's great to know we get to pick and enjoy them just for ourselves!!! Anyway, this will be a fun way to stay in touch even more. And I love pictures, so send lots! Here's one of Lucas the other night playing in my shoes. He LOVES shoes right now and has to pick out the ones that he wants to wear or he throws a tantrum- silly kid. I love you girls!!!

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